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Noel Hathman

Noel Hathman  is a SOULFUL singer and jewelry designer located in Houston, Texas. This lovely soul must have been one of the first 100 or so followers on @soulpick and I remember feeling so captivated by her mini Insta cover videos upon discovery lol. It has been absolutely beautiful following her spiritual journey on Instagram where she discusses love, holistic health, relationships, family, and artistry in the rawest way. She doesn’t hold back much in this interview either as she shares her “coming out story”, her dreams for a future goddess commune, and how she currently feels about her abilities as an artist. This interview is for those that wish to feel heard, and I can’t say it any better than that.

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Lauren Ash

I am so excited about this podcast episode, I had the opportunity to chat with the amazing @writtenbyherself (Lauren Ash), creator of @blackgirlinom about her experiences and inspirations in cultivating a holistic wellness sanctuary for women of color. This is your DREAM community. Their online publication features lovely articles that discuss topics of wellness and encourage self-love for POC. Issue 002 is up now, so go follow @blackgirlinom and click on the link in bio to peruse! <3

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Ashley Wright

@Mswrightsway is a passionate authentic soul that lives her life with purpose. What is her purpose? To heal and uplift. Ashley Wright exemplifies each day the power in living in congruence with one’s values as a mother, healer, dancer, activist and inspirational speaker. She has so much to offer and say to us, so stay tuned. If this does not satiate your thirst for learning more about this unique soul then please check out her touching blog posts on

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Riva Nyri Percil

@lovenyri is an artist of many trades, and a soul full of passion. She is a singer, jewelry maker, dance instructor and author that hails from Haiti. Riva Nyri Percil discusses her transformation into becoming a woman that  actively commits  to these powerful outlets of expressing her authentic self.  She also discusses themes and topics that all souls can relate to such as love, family, identity and loss. I strongly encourage you to tune in to feel a sense of connectedness to a like” lived and minded” beauty <3. Ohh and her birthday/album release are both this SATURDAY,  March 28th. Please wish her a happy b(earth)day & check out her work of art “Perle De Culture”.

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@markusprimelives is an iconic artist on the soulful scene. His images of empowered women of color have been circling  various social media sites  for years, sometimes unacknowledged . This episode is an opportunity to get to know  a bit more about the soul behind your favorite africentric soulful art. If you can see yourself represented in his images, chances are high that you will appreciate this conversation in a uniquely intimate way. Markus discusses growing up as an introverted military brat, his transformation into a proud young man that actively celebrates black women, and his commitment to his artistic development.

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Tenandre Roberts

@_neyontree, Tenandre Roberts is a deep and thoughtful yogi from Providence, Rhode Island. In the virtual world, she is admired for her unfiltered perspective and imagery.  I strongly encourage you to stick around for this interview as it’s filled with so many Soulpick elements. Neyon discusses transformation, overcoming obstacles and her spiritual journey overall.

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Alyssa Redenti

Alyssa Redenti hails from New Paltz, a small town located in upstate New York. A popular natural curly-hair blogger on instagram, Alyssa opens up about how the virutal platform has assisted in molding her journey. She shares how she has overcome negative feedback from insta followers as well as her journey in healing an eating disorder. I won’t give the rest away, but this intimate profile solidifies her place as an empowering role model and inspiration for all women.

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